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Situated in San Bernardino, California, All In One Home Health Agency, Inc. is your partner in providing quality, cost-effective health care.

Who is All In One Home Health Agency, Inc.?

We are a group of professional healthcare providers who take a team approach, customizing our services to meet the special needs of those with acute and chronic illnesses, including accidents, surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

We are dedicated to providing personalized, high-quality care to our clients on a preventative or daily basis. Our practice in rendering care is focused toward treating our clients like our own family member.

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Mission Statement

All In One Home Health Agency, Inc.’s mission is to be at the forefront of providing quality, cost-effective home health care services for the cure or migration of human disease, pain, and suffering.

There is a continuing change in the practice, technology, and laws governing the delivery of health care. As such, we stay committed to keeping our staff members abreast of the latest developments and maintain professional competency in their various disciplines. This way we can continue to serve our clients with the brand of care that they deserve. Furthermore, our services will be rendered without regard to race, religion, sex, age, color, nationality, economic or social status.

What is our goal?

As a community-based organization, our primary goal is to provide quality care to exceed the expectations of our clients. We can do this by granting them with personalized, inclusive, and cost-effective skilled care right in the comfort of home. We are also committed to being a resource by granting our clients and their family members direct care, education, and emotional support.

Our healthcare team, headed by our physician, also works to maximize potentials and promote the recovery and maintenance of our clients’ overall well-being. We use our clients’ value of life, spiritual, cultural, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds as basis to warrant a unique care plan for them.

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Whether you need our services for you or your loved ones, we are here to help. You can reach us through the contact details provided. We will address your concerns as soon as we have reviewed your message.


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